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Welcome to the Fall 2013 edition of our online newsletter. We are delighted that you continue to follow the services our firm provides to churches throughout the United States and Canada.

James D. Klote & Associates has had another great year of success in partnering and servicing churches with their capital campaigns. Even though it has been another rocky year in regards to the economy, members are still giving sacrificially which has resulted in successful campaigns.

It has been a busy year for JDK&A, not only directing campaigns, but the beginning of this year we were pleased to announce the opening of our Toronto, Canada office. We have been contracted by several Canadian churches and welcomed with open arms. Our firm feels grateful to be able to serve not only churches in the US, but in Canada now too.

This edition of “PERSPECTIVES” has a lighter and more humorous tone to it. For our hard working Directors keeping a sense of humor and high energy going during a campaign is an area that is extremely important and forever evolving. Campaigns can be intense, require a lot of commitment, time, and energy. It’s a very serious business, however sometimes it’s necessary to bring a little laughter along the way. We hope that one, if not all, of our articles speak to you or at least make you smile.

Our firm wishes you a safe, joyous and healthy holiday season!

Erin West
Vice President of Operations

How Important Is It To Ask The Right Questions When Interviewing Stewardship Consultants?

By Jim Klote


At nearly every presentation I make regarding the services we provide, I am asked ‘what other questions should we be asking?’ Actually, I appreciate the question. It indicates an initial trust and willingness to invite advice. There are many questions I believe church leaders should be asking when considering partnering with a stewardship consulting firm. Naturally, there is a significant difference between stewardship consulting for churches, and fundraising consulting to any non-profit.

Now, the first question is, ‘how do we even find firms to interview?’ You can look on the Internet and pick a few to interview, or you can call around to area churches that have done campaigns and ask for recommendations. You can call your conference or diocesan development office and ask if there is a recommended firm. In the end, you are going to have to choose from a few recommended firms and interview them to see which method best suits your expectations.
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How to sustain Energy in a Campaign

By Jesse Winters

Almost every Capital Campaign starts out with a lot of energy and enthusiasm behind the project. It probably isn’t much of surprise that the most successful ones, however, sustain their enthusiasm all the way through to the end of the campaign. By keeping the energy of the core leaders and volunteers high the passion for the project is more easily ignited in the hearts and minds of others.

In the early stages of any campaign a passion for the project ignites the energy of core leaders and volunteers, but as we get further into a campaign it is the energy of those same leaders and volunteers that ignites the passion and energy of those they talk to. Quite often though, those key leaders and influencers begin to get tired and their energy begins to wane. So, how does a church keep up their energy during a campaign? Here are a few key points to keep that energy pumping.
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