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Full-time capital stewardship counsel leads to professional results.

The probability of a successful campaign is greatly increased when guidance is placed in the skilled hands of an experienced consultant with years of experience in conducting Capital Stewardship Campaigns. You will find many more campaign success stories from churches that used outside counsel than those who did not. You will also find when checking references that churches, having used JDK&A, raised more money relative to their annual budget than those who used other firms.

We help build a stronger sense of fellowship.

Raising the needed funds is only one of the objectives in a properly directed campaign. Building a sense of community and engaging the congregation in working together, toward a common goal are equally important. Not only does a stewardship campaign increase appreciation and support for your church, but it increases community awareness as well.

We stress “equal sacrifice, not equal giving.”

The JDK&A Campaign Plan calls for all church members to be included. Each member of the congregation will be treated equally. All will be given the opportunity to hear the plans of the campaign and prayerfully consider what all can contribute. A campaign requires broad participation and gifts ranging from large to small. Our professional consultants help ensure that the needs of your church are presented in the same manner to all church members.

2 Corinthians 8:12: “If the eagerness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what one does not have.”

Elements of the JDK&A Plan:

  • Full-time professional leadership is provided.
  • Mission and ministries of the congregation identified.
  • Leadership is recruited.
  • Necessity for the campaign is clearly stated.
  • Plans and costs of the program are clear.
  • Each family is contacted personally.
  • “Equal sacrifice, not equal giving,” is the emphasis.
  • Volunteers are coached.
  • Campaign is of short duration.

James D. Klote & Associates:

  • Operates on a flat fee basis, agreed upon beforehand and confirmed by contract.
  • Selects the best person available from our professional staff to serve as Campaign Director.
  • Provides a Director who is a full-time, permanent member of our firm.
  • Allows operational costs to remain under the control of our client.
  • Submits a comprehensive Campaign Kit at conclusion of the campaign.
  • Provides a thorough Follow-up Plan outlining steps to take during the pledging period.
  • Maintains long-term relationship with client through continued follow up.

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Contact Us Anytime At:

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