Annual Campaigns

Enhancing your Ministries

Annual Campaigns can be much more than the yearly effort to fund the budget. When conducted properly, it will focus your members on the Christian ideals, which promote a greater understanding of the role stewardship plays in their personal lives and a deeper commitment to individual stewardship. A greater awareness of the joy of giving is just one of the objectives brought to the campaign by the JDK&A Campaign Director.

The JDK&A Annual Campaign can help your church by:

  • Increasing overall financial stewardship
  • Improving participation in annual pledges
  • Growing the average pledge
  • Enhancing current ministries
  • Creating ownership in your annual ministries
  • Creating new ministries
  • Building enthusiasm for new initiatives
  • Engaging more members to become actively involved in church growth
  • Identifying new church leaders
  • Recruiting additional volunteers

The most fundamental principle of the James D. Klote & Associates Annual Campaign service is the every-member visit. Each member of the congregation will be treated equally. Each member will be invited to (1) hear the needs, opportunities and the proposed solutions to meet those needs and opportunities, (2) engage in dialog for clarification of questions, and (3) prayerfully consider their gift for the success of the campaign. No one will be left out. While the level of gifts will vary, members will be invited to participate at an equally sacrificial level. Equal sacrifice, not equal gifts, is a guiding principal throughout the campaign. The strengthening of fellowship throughout the congregation, as the result of these individual visits is a spiritual gift in itself and a rich reward of the every-member visit approach to Annual Campaigns.

The James D. Klote & Associates’ Annual Campaign service consists of the following elements:

  • Preliminary Conference Call
  • Pre-Campaign Committee Planning Workshop
  • Focus Group Meeting Workshop
  • Findings / Report Meeting
  • Visitor Coaching Workshop
  • Continued Follow-up
  • The JDK&A Annual Campaign Plan is an effective method of including all of your members and encouraging them on their stewardship journey. Beginning with the Preliminary Conference Call, we take the time to learn about your church’s ministry goals, help you develop your church’s story and communicate it to your members in an understandable way. We will provide face to face guidance, coaching and counsel during each of these visits to ensure all duties are assigned. Following the coaching workshop the JDK&A Director will provide weekly telephone counsel over the next several weeks of the campaign to the campaign’s leaders.

    JDK&A strives to maximize your fundraising potential. Our proven method of campaign success has enhanced many of our client’s missions and ministries. By partnering with our clients, we help you envision possibilities, establish priorities, assess readiness, and facilitate your mission.

    The conclusion of your Annual Campaign Program does not mean the end of your relationship with James D. Klote & Associates. Our firm prides itself on continuing dialogue and guidance during the pledging period. James D. Klote & Associates firmly believes in once a client, always a client.

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