Thomas Wirsing

Thomas Wirsing

I had the opportunity to take part in one of the focus groups that our JDK&A Consultant ran, and also led 5 other focus groups, and he asked me to send you a note and discuss our experience with your company.

Having been through what has been described by everyone I’ve talked to as a bad experience with the last capital campaign, there were mixed opinions about whether we should move forward with another campaign, especially with the many variables that have arisen from the pandemic.  Our leadership had confidence with your firm enough to suggest we explore the idea, and I can say this experience has been night and day from the previous experience we had.  Communication was clear and consistent, and expectations were shared throughout the process.  Training was clear, and people were put in better position to succeed than being given a list of names to call.   We were given the information we needed to share and trained on how to share it, and when things came up we didn’t know, our consultant was there to back us up.  We never felt like we were on our own or having to do this without the resources and support we needed as we went through it.  Throughout the process this felt like a true partnership.

Previously we had a very negative experience with our rep, but our JDK&A Consultant was the very opposite of that.  His constant presence, leadership and guidance were invaluable to us through this process.  I see people feeling energized and glad to be active in a process that has been draining and discouraging for many.  After a year of standing still, we now have momentum and a clear direction, and we could not have done it without the help and support of our consultant and your firm.  The process was inclusive and activated our own people to be voices of that direction.  Asking for people to share their hopes and dreams was a nice touch and really brought things out I have not heard people share before.  I am looking forward to seeing what the possibilities are in the future, and what we might be able to accomplish with the help of James D. Klote & Associates.

Over the course of forty years of ministry, it has been my privilege to work many people and organizations.  One of the best organizations is that of James D. Klote & Associates of Falls Church, Virginia.  Organized to assist churches experiencing capital stewardship programs.  Their efforts are marked by a love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, an honest care for God’s people, and the ability to work hard and effectively to accomplish their task.  They are truly an exceptional organization, and any church would be privileged to work with them.

An important part of the Klote effort is the embedding of a member of their team within the leadership of the congregation.  Our consultant was a man of faith, a hard and effective worker, and a genial partner in accomplishing large things.  He is exceptional at what he does and is a true blessing to his organization and the churches he serves.

All in all, it is a privilege for me to give my highest recommendation to James D. Klote & Associates.

-Thomas Wirsing
Trinity Lutheran Church
Bloomington, Illinois
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