The Rev. Aaron Zimmerman

The Rev. Aaron Zimmerman

Some parishes may have the idea that JDKA is for “big churches.” I write as the rector of a medium-sized parish, and I have to say that I cannot imagine going with another firm. Having the consultant here full time has made such a huge difference.


Running a campaign like this requires hours of emails, phone calls, and drafting documents. The consultant has handled it all. He runs things by me, but usually I only have to make a few changes, if any. He has allowed me to continue to lead the parish, prepare sermons, and offer pastoral care, while he takes care of the mountain of administrative work.


Some examples:

  • Preparing the template of the PowerPoint presentation for the focus group must have taken 5-10 hours—time I frankly don’t have.
  • Setting everything up for the Focus Groups—pens, paper, handouts. Again, saving me the time to do all this. And ensuring the meetings looked professional.
  • Many of our key leaders were unable to attend the Focus Group training for presenters. Not uncommon for busy professionals. The consultant has had the time to meet with them one-on-one to train them—time I don’t have.
  • Coordinating all the presenters, again, is a huge task, requiring calls, text, emails, and persistence. He has handled it all with a smile.


In addition, the consultant brings a wealth of expertise I do not have. I would not have had the framework for the PowerPoint for the Focus Groups. He did, and created a powerful, succinct PowerPoint. He knows how to handle tough questions and does not get flustered.


Without JDKA, this whole process would have been longer, slower, and much more taxing on me. I simply do not know how I would have had the time. Without him, I feel the quality of the Readiness Assessment would have suffered. But with JDKA, we’re not even 2 weeks in, and there is already momentum building and excitement growing.


I cannot express how grateful I am for the JDKA approach, and for the service your firm provides.

-The Rev. Aaron Zimmerman
St. Alban’s Episcopal Church
Waco, Texas
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