Ron and Crystal Jaso

Ron and Crystal Jaso

As two of the Co-Chairs of the steering committee for this campaign, we have worked closely with the consultant for the last several months as part of our “Next Step” Capital Campaign at Risen Savior Lutheran Church.  During this time, we have spent many hours with him and have seen the true joy with which he approaches his work.  The pace of an enormous campaign can be challenging, but thanks to James D. Klote & Associates and to the consultant, this campaign has been a rewarding experience for all who have participated.


We have had the chance to interact with the consultant in many settings (our steering committee meetings, planning sessions, the many focus groups held early in the process, Visitor training sessions and Visitor encouragement nights, or simply in informal conversations), and regardless of the setting, he has been consistently positive and focused on creating a valuable experience for our church.  His experience along with the unique approach used by James D. Klote & Associates has been such a blessing for our church.  In fact, the steering committee was so inspired that during the sermon series focused on our “Next Step,” one Sunday’s sermon was “Pray, Prepare, and Press On” and the Biblical support of that approach and how we can (and should) use that to guide us in our next steps as a church.


The process employed by James D. Klote & Associates is highly effective.  We found the small focus groups critical as the first step to building a better understanding of the need for a new building as well as the planned solutions.  Additionally, setting up personal visits with every family from the church has, without a doubt, been instrumental in the success we have already seen and anticipate continuing through to the end of our campaign.  Yet, while the focus of any Capital Campaign is undoubtedly to raise funds and increase pledges, we think the part that has most surprised and pleased me is the opportunity we, as a church body, have had to get to know each other.  We have personally been able to meet so many new people and what a blessing!!  To grow closer together, to minister to each other and support each other…these are the unspoken benefits of the consultant’s approach and guidance.


The James D. Klote & Associates process is extraordinary, creating both tangible benefits in terms of increasing the pledges and growing our financial opportunities, but also in building our church community and strengthening this body of believers!!  We cannot say enough how lucky we are to have had the chance to work with James D. Klote & Associates and with the consultant!   He has been an absolute delight!!  His spirit is kind, his demeanor is warm and encouraging, and he has been the constant unfailingly positive voice over the months working together.  He will be missed!!

-Ron and Crystal Jaso
Steering Comm. Co-Chairs
Risen Savior Lutheran Church
Chandler, Arizona
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