Jerry & Karen Wendt

Jerry & Karen Wendt

Back in the mid-ninety’s the congregation where we were members at the time asked us to Co-Chair the capital campaign.  We were privileged to address the congregation at each of its Sunday morning services on “kickoff weekend” merely to encourage the folks in the pew to participate in the campaign.


I started out by saying “Anything we have is NOT of our making!  It is ALL from our loving, merciful God.  And, He is now challenging US to share in the blessings we have received by participating in this campaign.  Some of you may feel very uncomfortable in making a significant commitment at this time.  My wife and I too felt that this is not a good time to do such a thing.  However, we went to the Lord seeking His guidance through the power of the Holy Spirit.  And, He has led us to a decision that has left us VERY CONTENT.”


Why do I say that?  Because we all are being constantly challenged every day, through TV commercials, newspaper & magazine ads, that “You NEED this or you NEED that!”  To put things into perspective I recall the day when we had one car that sat in the driveway, one TV in the house, only two pair of dress shoes and two suits in the closet!  Today, we have to have two cars, half a dozen suits in the closet and a TV in every room in the house!   Now, has achieving all these THINGS made us any more spiritually content?  I think NOT!  Please, earnestly seek the leading of the Holy Spirit in the coming days and weeks that He will elevate your level of “contentment” toward a generous gift toward this campaign.


Back to my wife’s and I pledge.  By way of background, we have always planned a special trip somewhere every fifth year in celebration of our wedding anniversary.  This time we were planning to do the Alaskan Cruise!  Instead, the Lord led us to set aside that effort and moved us to re-direct the money we were budgeting for that trip to the church’s capital campaign.  And, we were very content with that decision!


Guess what?  Three years later we not only were able to fulfill our pledge, BUT we were able to garner the resources to do the Alaskan Cruise as well.  All praise and honor to HIM!!!


I pray that your firm may find this “Testimonial” to be of aid in helping those whom you are consulting with in seeking their support toward a capital and/or stewardship campaign.


Blessings on your day!

-Jerry & Karen Wendt
Concordia Lutheran Church
Kirkwood, Missouri
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