The Washington Business Journal Hails James D. Klote & Associates As The Premier Fundraising Firm


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December 15, 2010

Falls Church, VA – The prestigious business news publication, The Washington Business Journal, recently wrote an article on the nation’s largest full-time, on-site church fundraising consulting firm, James D. Klote & Associates, Inc. The Journal lists the consulting firm as a “…major player in the industry,” and highlights what has made the president, Jim Klote, such a success in the fundraising industry. The article details just how successful Jim Klote’s business has been over the years, by raising “…some $800 million across the country for religious organizations of all denominations.” Furthermore, the fundraising firm was recently ranked as the number one church fundraising consulting firm in the country by Minneapolis independent research company Volkart May & Associates Inc.

“I hear from bishops every day who say, “We desperately need more money, but I don’t think we can do it in this economy.”


Klote’s business, which has worked with churches, schools and non-profit organizations, is organized to operate their campaigns at the “highest moral, ethical and professional level,” according to Klote. Even despite the economic downturn, Klote is able to raise (on average) 4 times a church’s annual giving, with debt reduction being one of the most common factors behind a campaign. The Journal article also cites the commitment and general giving that a Klote campaign sees: “Typically, they stay five to six months and raise $3 million to $5 million. Other times they might stay up to a year and raise $10 million to $20 million.” The consultants manage the entire fundraising process and train church members to make personal visits with other members. Klote remarks in the article that it is the loyal dedication of the church members which gives them a “rare financial edge.”

Jim Klote concludes the article by outlining a typical conversation regarding the ever-prevalent topic of debt reduction with his clients: “I hear from bishops every day who say, “We desperately need more money, but I don’t think we can do it in this economy.’ I tell them there are just two questions to ask: Do you have an urgent need to raise money? And do you have the commitment to make it a priority?”

Clearly, James D. Klote & Associates, Inc. has dedicated their business to making the pressing needs of churches and other organizations a priority, a philosophy which Klote vows to always maintain.

The article, entitled “Faithful Backers”, is available in its entirety through the James D. Klote & Associate’s website at For additional information regarding James D. Klote & Associates and the services provided please visit or contact Erin West, Vice President of Operations, at or by phone, at (800) 360-2315. With offices in Falls Church, Virginia and St. Charles, Illinois, James D. Klote & Associates is the largest full-time, on-site church fundraising consulting firm in the country.


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