Pledges Prior to Campaign Kick-Off Lunch Exceed Annual Giving


For Immediate Release
February 20, 2020

Leander, TX – Over 160 members of Leander Church of Christ gathered in its Fellowship Hall for a Kick-Off BBQ lunch and ice cream social to celebrate the culmination of the Advance Phase of its capital campaign, “Vision 2020, Celebrating Our Faith – Connecting Our Vision.” An ovation built from the crowd as it was revealed that $544,000, slightly more than the church’s annual giving, had been raised from only 20% of membership during the Advance Phase of the campaign.

The campaign’s goals are 3-fold: devote 20% of all funds raised to missions and outreach near and far; repairs and renovations in the worship center, foyer and grounds, such as replacing the roof, repairing water damage to the floor, upgrading lighting and acoustics, updating all restrooms with the addition of a family restroom, converting the 60-year old parsonage to a teen center, and moving the playground to a more secure area in front of the main building; and thirdly, additions to the administrative building to include new office space, 4 new classrooms, a children’s auditorium, and new and redefined storage spaces.

Elder Ezra Bettis (far left) was among ten speakers who shared their visions and testimonials during the event. Bettis encouraged members to reflect on Matthew 21 when Jesus approaches Jerusalem telling his disciples to enter the village where they would find a donkey tied there with her colt. Jesus would ride the donkey into Jerusalem. Jesus said if anyone asked, to tell them the Lord needs the donkey and its colt, and they will send them right away. Bettis surmised the donkey would have come from an ordinary person, called to give it because the Lord needed it. “Ordinary people are called to serve the Lord every day, and we feel we are being called to serve him now during this project,” concluded Bettis.

James D Klote & Associates Campaign Director Tom McAtee remarked, “All of the speeches were heartfelt and committed to the project. I’m honored to be part of this effort.”

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