Dutilh Church Overwhelmingly Votes to Support a Capital Campaign


For Immediate Release
May 20, 2019

Cranberry Township, PA – The findings of a Feasibility Study, that included 18 Focus Groups, validated to the Church Leadership Board, Finance Committee, Building Committee and the Capital Campaign Committee that now is the time to proceed with a Capital Campaign. The Church Leadership Board recommended to the congregation that the church proceed immediately into a Capital Campaign. A written ballot vote of the congregation overwhelmingly approved the recommendations of James D Klote & Associates (JDK&A) to proceed with a Capital Campaign under the direction of a Steering Committee. The Campaign will begin immediately with a goal of raising $10 Million.

Dawn Hand, District Superintendent for the UMC, led the Church Conference. Excited and encouraged by the congregation’s show of support she reminded them of their commitment to prayerfully and financially support the church in all its endeavors.

Senior Pastor Tom Parkinson readily admits that the Readiness Assessment really put everyone on the same page. “I believe that we can now raise funds with confidence, knowing that the church is ready. 4 weeks ago, I could not have said that. Now, I know the passion of the congregation and the church leadership has a much better lay of the land. This vote demonstrates the confidence the congregation has in the leadership.”

The current 27,000 sq. ft. facility was built in 1986. Today, it is much too small to meet the needs of the growing congregation. Average weekly attendance is 450 people with 125 of these being children and youth. The Facility Master Plan calls for an additional 15,000 square feet of building space, new mechanicals and a refreshing to the remaining interior spaces. The parking lot will also be redesigned and enlarged for improved traffic flow.

The campaign will be directed by JDK&A, a full-time, on-site capital stewardship consulting firm based in Falls Church, Virginia, recently ranked the #1 church consulting firm in the United States by Volkart, a market research firm in Minnesota. Greg Holt is the consultant assigned to Dutilh Church.

With offices in Falls Church, Virginia; Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California; and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, James D. Klote & Associates is the largest full-time, on-site stewardship consulting firm in North America. For additional information, please contact the firm at www.jdklote.com or (800)-360-2315.


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