Rev. Jeffrey A. Witt

Rev. Jeffrey A. Witt

In my opinion, the value of anything can be calculated by summing of its total assets. When attempting to choose a company to do business with, I take in to account its leadership, its methods for completion of the task at hand and, very importantly to me, those the company has chosen to work with me and my associates. Having said that, I very much enjoyed our interview with you and was very impressed with your thoughts on raising capital. Having worked with several other companies, heard their spiels and watched as their projections collapsed due to, in my estimation, a lack of asking donors face to face for what was wanted, I was intrigued by your antithetical methods.

To say that I was a bit taken back by the projected cost of your participation would be an understatement. However, my proclivity leans toward the belief that often cheaper is simply that and that you must invest in what you want. Expecting to get something for great value for no investment is illogical. So I continued to listen, I read your book; I ran the figures. Your company was nearly four times as expensive as some other companies. That is what it is. But, when I added to the calculations the number of years of multiple campaigns needed to raise the same funds and what the overall cost would then be, I quickly came to a conclusion that the time must also be a factor in calculating costs. In my estimation in the long run your company became far less expensive.

Once vetting: you, your company’s track record, your philosophy, and the cost.the next most important issue for me was your choice of a consultant to work with us. You will no doubt remember our conversations surrounding that issue. I very much appreciate your listening to my concerns. The gentleman you sent was outstanding. He quickly sized up who we were and fit like an old glove. When you indicated we would have a person on location and on staff for the extent of the program, I had no idea what that would mean. You don’t know me. So let me share. I don’t impress easily, but our consultant’s work ethic was truly impressive.

Let me close by simply saying thank you for your work. Thank you for discovering your theory and approach. Thank you for sending the JDK&A consultant to work with us. Lest anyone believe this process is easy, it is not. But, it is well worth the investment. May many others believe so too.

-Rev. Jeffrey A. Witt
Round Hill UMC
Round Hill, Virginia
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