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Welcome to the New Edition of Perspectives Spring 2022

Spring is in the air and it feels wonderful!  As we reflect on the past two years and all that has ensued, it feels like the perfect time to rejoice in all the new beginnings Spring and the Lord will bring.

Therefore, this edition of Perspectives is dedicated to the Campaign Kick-Off Event.  The Kick-off is a great time to celebrate what has been accomplished and what is still to come. Whatever the need of the church, or the case for support, it is crucial that the entire congregation is engaged in the official beginning of the campaign. This includes, introductions of campaign leaders, spiritual testimonials, entertainment, and last but not least, an announcement of total pledges raised from church leaders. This edition of our newsletter covers the how, when, where and why of a Campaign Kick-Off Event.

Please enjoy the following articles and let us know if you have questions, comments or a need for services such as ours. As always, we are grateful to our clients and friends for giving us this incredible opportunity to serve.

Erin West

The Importance of the Kick-Off Event Venue

By Jim Klote
Grace Episcopal - Fr. Steve Muncie and Jim Klote

The location of a church campaign Kick-Off event will vary. It must depend on the personality of the congregation. Many church leaders are reluctant to have an event which even looks as though too much money is being spent. These events are usually catered sit-down meals.
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The purpose of the Kick-Off Event is to educate and inspire all members of the congregation. Often, a campaign Kick-Off Event is the only time the entire congregation gets together for one individual event and may be one of the most exciting times in the history of the church.

A church that desires a successful Campaign Kick-Off Event will do everything in its power to get the greatest number of members to attend. Printed invitations should be mailed to each church family with an RSVP card included.
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Essential Elements of the Kick-Off

By Tony Dean


The Capital Campaign Kick-Off Event is one of the most important components of the campaign. It is this event that educates, inspires, and motivates members of the congregation to become involved, take ownership and make an investment in the future of the church.

There are three objectives to the Kick-Off Event. The first is to educate the members about the Feasibility Study and what was decided regarding the needs and the proposed solutions. To do this, it is important to provide a clear Case Statement, developed from the results of the Feasibility Study and delivered by the Campaign Chair.

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